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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday already. I can't believe more than a week has passed since I wrote last. I guess the week after my birthday has been busy or my old age is creeping up on me. (HEE)

It has been a great time for my husband and I (this is my opinion of course) he says it was okay. For me we went through some tough times that used to would have been a set back, but this time we handled better. He saw the times of struggle and didn't notice the growth until we went to marriage counseling a few days later. Yes, I said marriage counseling he agreed and he even seems to be opening up so send praises to teh Lord, but please keep praying because we have such a long road to travel.

I kept a little girl for my friend for a few days and she is from a broken home (her father came out of the closet after 19 years of marriage and they divorced about 5 years ago) anyway, she used to be my sons best friend. They had a great time and when she left she talked to her mom about how she liked being in a family again. Eating at the table and dad's praying with their kids, watching movies together and doing puzzles on another table together, and really just the overall family feeling of things. It was interesting and gave me a new perspective on things that seem so simple and how they can brighten a child's world. It also helped me to appreciate the things I have in my life.

I love that our simple world gave her a new look at life and when she left we talked about how different she was then our kids, not in a bad way just in a different way. She is a sweet girl forced to grow up way too soon. I will pray for her and her family, along with my own being sure to thank God for what I have even when some days when I am cleaning, mowing, struggling and all of those mom things I will simply try to stop and say thanks for the life God has given me.

I think I am back now we will see. :) Hope everyone has had a great week.


  • At 12:08 PM, Blogger Pam in Colorado said…

    Here's a belated Happy Birthday! Late, but no less meant! Glad that the seeds sown have grown and that your husband is able to acknowledge the growth.

    I will pray for you all.

    Thanks for being such a safe haven for your friend's daughter. I'm sure that she will have these memories to carry into her own family one day. Isn't it nice to see a reflection of your daily life that truly has worth instead of focusing on the daily struggles and missing the good that does go on in your home each day.

  • At 8:47 AM, Blogger Praying for your Prodigal said…

    What a beautiful way to commemorate your birthday--helping a little girl! Bless you! You are so right--we found too, after 12 years of Foster Care and 21 foster children...that perspective is everything! That you gave this little one just a few days of "what life should be like"....will enhance the way she looks to the future.

    Doesn't it feel great to bless others!


  • At 3:24 PM, Blogger kpjara said…

    School hasn't even started...where the heck are you?


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