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Monday, June 19, 2006

Manic monday

I'm a little later than usual today I had a mommy/son morning. He mows
the neighbors yard on Monday and I watch and cheer him on. See he is
only 9 and his dedication is amazing. Anyway, then we ran to the
grocery store for a minute to return and I watched him do his next job,
water another neighbors flower and feeding the birds. He then said hang
on I don't rush off I like too see some birds come and how happy the
food and fresh water makes them. He talked and I listened I love his
ability to share his thoughts and feelings for as we know this is not a
typical male trait. Hate to sterotype guys but lets face it men were
not born to talk.

So, I realized how nice it was to share these moments with him no
rushing and when he was finished doing his jobs he said being outside
doesn't really seem like work does it mom. Truth is on most days
listening to him is more work then those chores but it is his positive
atitude that I was loving. He can always brighten a day, God really
uses Blake to keep me focused on lifes blessings.

I have two great kids, they both make me nuts but at the end of the
day the good is always more than the bad. God, is so good to us.
Always reminding us in subtle ways how much we have.

The weekend was okay with Kevin and God is strengthening me
everyday. I used to avoid praying for strength, but what I have
realized is it isn't me being stroing it is actually be growing stronger
in my ability to trust him. That makes it seem like it isn't strength
at all. Just like Blake's work when I know it is good and see what he
is doing it isn't really work at all. I also had someone at church give
me a word Sunday. She said, "the Lord wants you to know you aren't
forgotten on a shelf he knows where you are you are not alone, find
peace and comfort in knowing that he loves you, is in control and that
you are not alone or forgotten he is with you." It was so awesome.
Therefore I knew no matter what Kevin did to me God was holding my hand
I knew that but it was great to hear it from the Lord, see this girl
doesn't know me or my situation so I saw how great it is to bless others
with the words God gives you. I am praying I don't have to leave K but
I know that I can't stand in Gods way either and I really am going to be
okay. Bare with me sometimes my emotions still get me but I'm just
growing in the Lord everyday like everyone else and sometimes I learn a
little slower and I need repetition. Sorry guys!


  • At 5:56 AM, Blogger kpjara said…

    You have NOTHING to be sorry for! You teach me so much in what you write...and your honesty and authentic-life is what matters. God doesn't want a bunch of robots...that look good (thinking Stepford here)...He wants all of us just the way we are!

    I can't wait for our road-trip this picking out some music to sing to!


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