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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The haircut

Okay my sister is always making comparisons which is what is leading to this blog. My son went to get his haircut. I always knew with a girl this would be a battle ground but with a boy I never thought there was that much to choose from. I thought eventually my little man would maybe want to grow it longer but the style itself shouldn't be abig deal (especially since he has straight hair I didn't think there were too many options) understand I have hair almost like Shirley Temple and in the right humidity maybe worse. Anyway, he doesn't mind getting it cut per say but it is the fact he has to leave home and go do it at the shop when it wastes perfectly good outside time. He wants to shave it bald he said. I asked why and he said because I like it and you don't have to come as often. Thankfully I was able to talk him into more of a buzz (he didn't want to shine his head or burn it during all that outside time).

However, getting his haircut caused me to reflect on how that too is like our lives. We go in and they cut off all the out of shape hair or the hair that is unruly or even just give us a new look. The old hair being areas in our life that need God's touch and when we leave we feel better and look better , like when we leave church or quiet time etc. We go in thinking we know exactly what wewant but often times God changes that desire or gives us something he knows will look better in our lives. By the way I am much more forgiving of God when he does what he wants then I am of a hairdresser who thinks she can pick what she wants for me. Anyway, just a thought.


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