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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wrapped Up

You know how when a baby is born we wrap them tight in their blankets because they feel secure like that after being in the womb for 9-months? Well, I wonder when that stops and that tightness becomes suffocating and it brings on panic. When does that change happen? What brings it on?
I don’t think I ever outgrew it. I don’t want to not be able to move, but I want to be held so tight in God’s hand that I never doubt that I am safe. I think the way I stay there is I go to Bible studies, quiet times, with friends, I hug people, go to church and I stay close to what he has for me. I feel like I am safe and secure there. Don’t get me wrong I am okay when I am alone, but I feel safest when I am alone with my Father in some way shape or form.
Still I think moving out of the will of God is because we feel like we are suffocating in his will. We get tired of doing right and feeling walked on, we think it is too hard, it isn’t fun or whatever. What we don’t see is that those things are the blanket that God is wrapping us in to protect us. Right along with that full-armor of God, it protects us.
My goal is to see God’s will as my protection not his controlling me or suffocating me. I want to be excited about what he has and stop looking for something better, because ladies and gentlemen God is as GOOD AS IT GETS! AMEN! I will be content today in my situation. I pray I can bring only honor and blessings to my family!


  • At 6:36 AM, Blogger kpjara said…

    I just picture you wrapped up like a "burrito baby" and all held by God just squiggling and wiggling to free yourself. Or Myself...whichever the case may be.

    Just remember that God is maturing you and enabling you to leave the "burrito" and know He will never leave you nor forsake you...while he's not carrying you, he IS right there with you!

  • At 9:42 AM, Blogger Praying for your Prodigal said…

    What I good analogy of trust! Brilliant!


  • At 9:43 AM, Blogger great2beme said…

    Kim a burrito? Couldn't you pick a more put together food that isn't ugly and messy? Oh wait that is life sometimes ugly and messy nevermind it is a good comparison.

  • At 9:45 AM, Blogger great2beme said…

    He is keeping me so close right now that I can't help but know it is going to be okay no matter what happens in life. It hurts sometimes or frustrates but in his loving care we are all going to be ok!


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