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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cloudy day

Well here we are in June and it is a cloudy day. The kind of day that makes you want to sleep through the entire thing. You know it can bring storms (even tornados in our part of the world) still rest seems like the best thing to do. I am hoping as life continues I can feel this relaxed when lifes storms hit. You know seeing the clouds coming and yet still being at peace, remembering what I said last week that there is already a way out before the storm hit. Jesus is after all my Tornado shelter. He is way more dependable then spider filled storm shelter in the ground, or in a safe room that isn't neccessarily safe they are saying these days. Besides as I said yesterday the tornado already hit it was that 15 almost 16 year old girl I gave birth too. There is no shelter from her as a matter of fact at times I am called to shelter her. UGH! Who would have thought. :) She is a blessing but a messy one. I know God will heal her from it because he did me and I was the worst when I was younger.

Anyway, needless to say God gave me another child who is borderline OCD and so his room is clean and his life is in order so much that sleeping in wasn't an option. We need to get up after all and not miss out on another God created day. Why waste it sleeping is his thought. We got the paper and the front page article was 6.6.6 the mark of the beast. They were talking about is it true or is it a myth and how people will go about life today etc. I was appalled we can't talk about God but we can do a full page article on Satan. Sad world sometimes. Still we kept right on trucking through this morning. He has great plans for us (yes God, but also my 10 year old) he wants to go to the Bass Pro shop and see fish feeding etc. He wants to do everything except what needs to be done in my world. Which is okay I guess for a day because how can I resist those beautiful blue eyes saying can't we just have one day without even housework? He inspires me to get up on days that I would much rather rest and do nothing, with him slothfulness will never be a sin I commit. LOL! When he doesn't want me to do something there are things I have to do for him or the family. Don't get me wrong I love it but sometimes being a sloth doesn't seem so bad.
So, I will close here and hopefully become creative before tomorrow's blog and go spend the day exploring what boys do all day. Making this day just another God filled day with a bad name 6-6-06. Thank you Lord that we don't have to fear anything that comes today because you are the winner. When Satan reminds me of my past I will remind him of his future. That you God for making that possible.


  • At 9:00 AM, Blogger kpjara said…

    OOOOH, I love that last line..."When Satan reminds me of my past...I will remind him of his future!" That is GOOOOOOODDDD! Where do you get this stuff my sister?

    I think it's so funny, from my seat-at-the-job-I'm-so-not-in-love hear you talk about little 'b' BOY doings (Bass-Shop Fishery thingy) when I remember big "B" GIRLY-GIRL (getting our nails painted) doings. Isn't life good about enforced balance through children?

  • At 9:24 AM, Blogger great2beme said…

    Did you say FORCED balance? :) I am not big on the boy fishy things but because I did the girl things I know it will be good memories and good times if I do it again. Plus, surely there will be something to look at for girls there, what is that wire you use on your bracelets? As for where I get things it is from the services I listen to and occassionally God gives me great ideas. HA!


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