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Thursday, November 02, 2006


I made it to another day! How exciting. I mean things in my life are crazy but I didn't make it to today and that is something for me to rejoice in right now. My husband was here last night and was actually civil to both me and the kids.

My daughter became proactvie and when he left for work this morning she went to him and hugged him and said I love you dad. She did this because she knew he wouldn't and she needed him to know and maybe he needed to know. I am not sure what is in their relationship but I know it is crazy.

God gave me a revelation this morning that if I stay in love, rooted in love that it doesn't matter where my hubby's hurts are from God can heal them and he can use me as a tool. It isn't easy I will confess, but nothing worth doing or having usually is easy. So, for today not only did I make it but I am lifted in God's love and blessing and I am believing in the power of God and the Holy Spirit and I know today will be good.


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